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Why sound matters

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Why work with us?

The value-for-money audio solution

It is our mission to offer unique and above all reliable products that meet the customer’s demands with excellent value for money solutions.

Installer friendly

Apart Audio was founded by an installer, so we understand and feel that installers are aiming for a partner excelling in creating and developing innovative installed sound solutions.

User-friendly and easy to operate

It is our passion to deliver great sound in public places. We always aim for user-friendly intuitive controls and clear and logical user-interfaces, what we call grandma proof!

Customised retail product design

Immediate product availability in large quantities

The Apart products are distributed via our worldwide distributor network in more than 100 countries. Our distributors have a solid stock to secure the needed product availability.

A worldwide network for project support and after sales service

Apart Audio can guarantee a solid after sales service. Our distributors are selected on their ability to ensure sales support, warehousing and after sales service of all Apart products.

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